On the 97th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, Satyagraha Research Foundation Send a Message

On the 97th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, Satyagraha Research Foundation Send a Message
Sindikat Post, India – On the 97th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, President of Commonwealth Countries, Satyagraha Research Foundation and various Social organizations of the Commonwealth sent the Message of A Healthy and long life of Queen Elizabeth.

commemorating-queen-elizabeth-iis-97th-anniversary-satyagraha-research-foundation-send-a-messageA grand programme was organized on the 97th birthday of Queen Elizabeth on behalf of Satyagraha Research Foundation ‘s Secretary General cum International Peace Ambassador Dr. Ajaz Ahmad, Dr. Suresh Kumar Agrawal and social organizations of Commonwealth countries.

Chancellor Pragyan International University, Jharkhand Dr Suresh Agarwal and Dr Ajaz Ahmad Dr Shahnawaz Ali Amit Kumar Lohia and campaign editor Dr Salaam jointly wished Queen Elizabeth a long life and health and said that there will be peace, prosperity in England and Commonwealth countries.

And Queen Elizabeth’s contribution to development has been immeasurable. Serving for almost 70 years. In 1915, Queen Elizabeth II broke the record for the longest reign of Queen Victoria of England. Queen Elizabeth is the only living person to serve as the longest serving person in the world.

Queen Elizabeth IIcommemorating-queen-elizabeth-iis-97th-anniversary-satyagraha-research-foundation-send-a-message was made Queen of Britain on 6 February 1952. This (Queen Elizabeth II). She is the longest-reigning queen in British history, the story of her becoming a queen is very sad and she was not present in Britain at the time she was given the top position of Britain.

On 6 February 1952, King George VI of Great Britain and Northern Ireland died at the Royal Estate of Sandringham after a prolonged illness. Princess Elizabeth, the eldest of the king’s two daughters, was in Kenya at the time of her father’s death. A mountain of sorrow had fallen on him. He yearned not to be present at the last moment of his father. But she got the news of her death and it was also told that she is now the Queen of Britain.

She returned to Britain from Kenya and on June 2, 1953, 27-year-old Elizabeth was made Queen of Britain in a royal Ceremony. Queen Elizabeth II’s crown has 2868 diamonds, which she wears only on special occasions. He was crowned with the Kohinoor diamond at the time of his coronation, but today the Kohinoor diamond is kept in the Tower of London for public viewing.

commemorating-queen-elizabeth-iis-97th-anniversary-satyagraha-research-foundation-send-a-messageQueen Elizabeth has done a lot in regards to her royal duties and is one of the most prominent figures in the world. Britain’s royal family attracts people from all over the world. We, through the Satyagraha Research Foundation and social organizations from Commonwealth countries, wish Queen Elizabeth a healthy long life. @red (Dr Ajaz Ahmad)

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