Friends Relatives Day (FRD)

Friends Relatives Day (FRD)

Regards: Dr Abhaya Ranjan Pattanayak


Sindikat Post, India – Inspired by the Odia Song “Chaal Gaan Ku Jibaa Feri. I am inclined to suggest something to my fellow mates , friends and family.

The invention of modern technical, technological amenities are driving us away from warmth, affection, bonding and belongingness. We just survive, we don’t live our life anymore.

We don’t have the time to stand, and stare at the beauties of nature. We don’t have the interest to hear the silence of each other, whereas we know silence has enormous amount to say.

It is painful, it hurts a lot to know that we exist amidst our own near and dear ones just like strangers. Instead of spending time with each other, we prefer to be with our phones, either speaking to someone, or browsing the social media, friends’ updates far away at some foreign country, whereas someone in the family may be having a throbbing headache or a shearing toothache, of which we are completely unaware of.

Personally I feel, we should take a day out, when we switch off our mobiles, tablets, iPads (unless it is that very essential) and the like and most committedly share our time with family, friends and near and dear ones.

I can assure the world will become a much better place to live in. We will come closer and many problems which have cropped up due to the increasing distance between each other will be eliminated from the society.

If we go deep into our problems at home and out of home, we will find, they arise because of lack of communication and lack of understanding.

Let us speak to each other, to know each other, to understand each other, not over the phone, let us talk in person. Let us go back to the days of our past once in a while if we want unadulterated enjoyment and contentment in life.

Let us come closer to each other.
Just a day once in a month, try once, it is not difficult at all, trust me. It will rebuild your emotional bonding with ur near and dears. @red

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