The World Peace Committee Holds International Jamboree Environment

The World Peace Committee Holds International Jamboree Environment

Sindikat Post, Jakarta – President of the World Peace Committee 202 country Mr. Djuyoto Suntani, invited the whole world to commemorate World Environment Day on June 5 and World Sea Day on June 8 by following a program entitled “International Jamboree Environment (IJE) 2019”.

President of the World Djuyoto Suntani through the International Environment Jamboree reminded and invited all humanity to One Earth Family that is more concerned and concerned about the environment.

Presiden of the World, Mr. Djuyoto Suntani

In the International Environment Jamboree, there are several program activities that will be held, among others, the Applicative Environmental Competition, Environmental Seminar, Eco-Friendly Tour, Planting Trees together in the Thousand Islands and visiting the Old City and Touring the Beautiful Indonesia Mini Park (TMII )

This international event will be held on Thursday to Sunday (July 11-14 2019), taking place at the Tourism Village Hotel, Taman Mini Indonesia, East Jakarta, Indonesia and the plan will be attended by Indonesian citizens and those invited from representatives of other countries.

Waskita Rini, SS., MBA. The chairman of the committee as well as the International Jamboree Activities Conceptor stated that this international activity was the first time in the world.

“The first time in the world the International Environmental Jamboree was held. Providing Multi Programs and Multi Values ​​at IJE 2019, namely the Value of the Environment through Work and Seminar Competition, Cultural Values, Historical Values, Art Values, Values ​​of Humanity through Blood Donors, Educational Values , The Value of Culture and the Value of Brotherhood through meeting people between nations at this International Jamboree, “Waskita said. Monday (6/17/2019).

“In this international event, participating as well as a companion is the Kalira Community and the Global Future Institute and the peak event will be held on Saturday (07/13/2019) in the new parking area in front of the TMII bird park,” he concluded.

Required, International Activities held by the World Peace Committee have been supported by the Indonesian government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia, the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, and the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia. @red

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