The President of the World Mr Djuyoto Suntani, Determined April 1 The Balance Day of The Universe

Sindikat Post, Jakarta – The Most Influencetial and Most Respected Figure on planet earth who served as President of the noble country World Peace Committee 202 Countries. Mr Djuyoto Suntani on behalf of the International Community 202 Countries, Established April as The day of balance of the Universe.

This was conveyed by the most respected on biggest figure of the world born in Indonesian, when the confirmed the core committee of the day of the balance of the Universe, In a beautiful Indonesian mini garden gong peace wednesday afternoon March 6 2019.

Determination and inauguration of the Universe balance day on April 1 will be marked by the signing of the insciption, which is placed permanenly in the foot of the mountain of Salak, the main tourist area, Gunung sari Pamijahan Bogor West Java Indonesia.

The legendary historical day committee was handed over to H Onden, Asep Saefulloh, H Soni and local community.
The day of balance of the Universe is set to maintain the balance of harmony of all living things in the Universe.

With the balance of the Universe, the rotation of the lives of all living things can be carried out in Harmony, Peace, happiness and prosperity. We must maintain the balance of the Universe, Explained the President of the World, Mr Djuyoto Suntani. @red

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