President of the World Mr Djuyoto Suntani Will Inaugurate 65,000 Peace Ladys Commandos in Chhattisagarh India

Sindikat Post, Jakarta – The most influential and most respected figure on Planet Earth who served as President of the World Peace Committee 202 of His Excellency Mr Djuyoto Suntani on behalf of the international community scheduled for Wednesday (10/4/2019) to meet and appoint 65,000 members of Peace Ladys Commandos in the City of Raipur, Chhattisagarh State, India.

Hearing the number of members reached 65,000, President of the World Mr Djuyoto Suntani almost did not believe. But the event coordinator and founder of Peace Ladys Commandos Dr. Lalit Kumar convinced this world’s largest Indonesian-born figure.

“His Excellency Mr President will see it in the city of Raipur,” explained Dr. Lalit Kumar agreed to the Director of the International Emperewomen of the World Peace Committee Dr. Ashu Begum.

Mr. Peace Gong Token Director Malaysian Omar Lokman was shocked to hear the number of Peace Ladys Commandos as many as 65,000 personnel.

“Almost the same as the population of Kajang City, Malaysia,” joked President of the World Mr Djuyoto Suntani to Mr. Omar Lokman from Kajang City, Malaysia. @red

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